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Senior Property Manager at Ouwens Casserly. Specialising in Eastwood.

Let's make it happen.

A seasoned professional with over 30 years working in real estate and driven by a genuine passion for ensuring a positive experience for her clients, Cat is known for her dedication to providing quality service. Her reputation is built on a track record of going above and beyond, consistently exceeding expectations which is evident in the glowing testimonials she receives from both landlords and tenants.

Her genuine desire to facilitate positive outcomes has led her to offer valuable advice for clients seeking input on updating and renovating their properties. This, in turn, has not only added value to their properties but has also created welcoming homes for new tenants.

Beyond work, Cat showcases her creative side by crafting small whimsical sculptures made from vintage cutlery and always has a project in progress whether it be gardening, house painting and even upcycling old furniture.