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The places in which we live come to define chapters of our lives and when we decide to move, it signifies the end of one chapter and the start of another.

It's an exciting time and Ouwens Casserly believe the actual process of buying and selling your home should deliver that same level of excitement.

Our Marketing Standard

We are very proud of our marketing standard, the advertising script, photography, the whole product image which we create at Ouwens Casserly. Your home is one of hundreds for sale at any given time and the effectiveness of your marketing campaign could be the difference between a buyer noticing or missing it.

To maximise the exposure of your property, we assess it individually and design a campaign that suits you and your budget. The correct marketing guarantees competition for your property.

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Our success

Our success is born of culture, professionalism, and a genuine desire to help people reach their goals through property.

Our professionalism

Our professionalism, Our attention to detail, our skill in managing, marketing, and negotiating the sale of property is how we build reputation. It's what we do.

Our culture

Our culture is our greatest asset. Our positive attitude, passion for real estate and our unblinking faith that our colleagues have our back is what sets us apart, it's what makes us different. It's how we make it happen.

Our goal

Our goal is to help people realise their dreams and aspirations through property. When a vendor puts their home in our hands, it's the ultimate compliment.

A winning team

REB’s outstanding awards program has represented a benchmark for excellence for the past decade. It recognises the top businesses and professionals influencing and propelling the real estate industry across Australia. Our team proudly took home the Major Independent Group of the year award in 2022. OC also had a big sweep in REB’s Top 50 Agents of 2022 with 11 of our sales agents featured on the list – more than any other real estate agency.

Ouwens Casserly also has an outstanding performance at the REISA Awards 2022, with the team members achieving excellent results at both the individual and agency levels, coming silver for Residential Agency – Large, Property Management Agency – Large & Project Marketing – Developments. REISA’s awards for excellence, also known as the ‘Oscars’ of the real estate industry in South Australia, recognise the top businesses and professionals influencing and propelling the real estate industry across the state.

We take these formal recognitions for our brand and our people very seriously. We are driven by our sole purpose of helping people realise their dreams and aspirations through the property.

Auctions at Ouwens Casserly

The auction process can be daunting, but at Ouwens Casserly it’s a sales method we specialise in and have a proven track record. With more than 10 highly trained, skilled auctioneers we offer in-house or online auctions to help guide you through the process to get your home sold for the highest achievable price.

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Here at Ouwens Casserly Real Estate we are, by nature, an optimistic bunch.

Driven, passionate and focused on helping people realise their dreams through property.

And yet, to see how far we have come since our launch in 2014 is extraordinary. Our goal was always to create a business focused on its customers and their needs. A standout brand that people could confidently turn to during one of the most exciting, overwhelming and daunting moments in their lives.

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Our purpose is to help people realise their dreams and aspirations through property. Whether you are selling, buying, investing, renting or developing we are here to help achieve your property goals.