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A seasoned sales professional with a rich background spanning multiple departments, Ellie embodies a career marked by excellence. Her journey seamlessly led her to a pivotal role in sales, where her unwavering enthusiasm and dedication shine through.

Having navigated various facets of the real estate industry, Ellie's diverse experience has honed her expertise and ignited a genuine passion for connecting clients with their dream properties. Central to her success are her exceptional customer service skills, honed through her journey across different departments, now serving as the cornerstone of her approach. Ellie goes above and beyond, tailoring her approach to meet the unique needs of each individual.

Approachable, insightful, and armed with an innovative mindset, Ellie thrives on transforming challenges into opportunities, ensuring a smooth and successful experience for her clients. With her seamless flow of expertise and unwavering commitment, Ellie crafts a journey where every interaction is met with utmost professionalism and a personalized touch, leaving clients not just satisfied, but truly delighted with their real estate experience.

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Team Timms

Valerie Timms

Real Estate Agent & Sales Manager - OC Lonsdale

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Iliana Mulraney

Office & Team Manager - Team Timms

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