Hi, I'm Evie Foster

Let's make it happen.

Team Manager - Team Bayly at Ouwens Casserly in Eastwood.

A seasoned professional with a rich background in property development, Evie brings a wealth of experience to Team Bayly. Known for her reliability, efficiency, and creative flair, Evie envisions Team Bayly as a well-oiled machine, providing clients with exceptional service. Her standout accomplishments include multiple Team Member and Employee awards, a testament to her dedication.

In addition to her achievements in real estate, Evie's diverse career spans from being a leading aircraft woman in the RAAF to serving as an Executive Assistant for Property Development CEOs. A family-oriented individual, Evie cherishes her role as a parent to two daughters and a grandparent to four grandchildren, embodying qualities of versatility, commitment, and a profound passion for making a positive impact on both clients and colleagues.

Beyond the professional realm, Evie's interpersonal skills shine as a people person, enabling her to extend her role beyond mere transactions. Actively involved in community initiatives, she is a valued member of the Adelaide Hills Women's Network. On her days off, you'll find her savouring coffee on Main Street, Hahndorf, or enjoying lunch with friends.