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Sales Administrator at Ouwens Casserly.

Let's make it happen.

Our trusted marketing and legal compliance support for the best in client service.

As a high performing real estate specialist with 15 years’ experience, the Ouwens Casserly Lonsdale team rely on Lisa Gluis to oversee some of the most important aspects of any client campaign.

While Lisa often works behind-the-scenes, her thorough attention to detail on regulation compliance, protects our clients through the sometimes-complicated legal process of exchanging property. Lisa is also a confident marketing manager, overseeing the creation of campaign materials, and digital and print advertising.

Lisa is quick to adapt and deliver to meet new demands in our busy workplace. Thanks to Lisa, not a thing is missed. Every priority is well chosen. Every detail is taken care of.

With a decisive confidence and collaborative approach, Lisa is an influential asset to Ouwens Casserly Real Estate. Every day Lisa makes our jobs easier, as a constant and trusted support for our Real Estate Specialists.

For Adelaide’s most professional and skilled real estate team, do give us call.