Hi, I'm Susan Martin

Let's make it happen.

Team Manager - Team Muxlow at Ouwens Casserly in Lonsdale.

With a whopping two decades of experience in the real estate world, Susan has been side-by-side with Sean Muxlow for over 7 years, making her an essential part of the team.

As the Team Manager for Team Muxlow, Susan's like the behind-the-scenes wizard who keeps everything running smoothly from listings to settlements. Her knack for keeping things organized and her attention to detail give Sean and Joshua the freedom to do what they do best.

From setting up those picture-perfect styling appointments and overseeing home photoshoots to ensuring every property marketing strategy is on point, Susan's got it all covered.

Susan's positive attitude, attention to detail, and community involvement make her an integral part of creating unforgettable property experiences.

On her free days, you'll probably spot Susan taking leisurely country drives or enjoying the gorgeous beaches that we have on offer along the Fleurieu peninsula.

Team Muxlow


Sales Associate - Team Muxlow