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Team Manager - Team Muxlow at Ouwens Casserly.

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As the Team Manager for Team Muxlow, Susan is the behind-the-scenes wizard who keeps everything running smoothly. With over nine years of experience working directly with Sean Muxlow, she has honed her exceptional organizational skills and systemized approach to ensure that every aspect of the team's operations is executed flawlessly.

Her ability to juggle numerous tasks with precision makes her an indispensable part of the team. Susan's methodical and structured methods allow the rest of the team to deliver exceptional property experiences and maintain a high standard of excellence.

On her free days, you'll probably spot Susan taking leisurely country drives or enjoying the gorgeous beaches along the Fleurieu Peninsula.

Team Muxlow

Joshua Liebich

Sales Associate - Team Muxlow

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Simone Pierce

Client Services Coordinator - Team Muxlow

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