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8 Reasons to downsize to an apartment

Apartment living is constantly evolving. Changing the way we live, making it not only more affordable but convenient. Downsizing can be an option for many reasons. Perhaps your children have all moved out of home now and the need for a large 4 bedroom home is no longer necessary. Keeping up with the maintenance of a home with a large yard can become a grind too. Swapping your weekends of mowing and weeding gardens for locking up your apartment for a weekend away is appealing.

We have detailed 8 reasons why downsizing your home – (not including the gardening)….

1. Security
Above ground apartments and units with secure intercom entry, giving you the confidence of security in your very own home.

2. Travel
Lock up and leave! With CCTV and security ticked off, you are free to travel everywhere and anywhere without having to worry about your home whilst you’re away.

3. Storage
You might think that apartments have little storage and you might be right in some instances, but these days most new buildings provide substantial storage options within apartments. From broom cupboards, pantries, linen closets to robes and storage units in front of your car parks, there are a multitude of locations to store all your possessions. And if you’re still thinking that’s not enough storage, it’s worth considering the passing on of some of your unused items to family or friends, or alternatively donating to local charities and op shops for those in need.

4. Low maintenance living
One of the main reasons for downsizing is that your garden is becoming too much to manage and the home you’ve lived in for the past thirty years continues to require ongoing maintenance. It’s a hassle to constantly arrange repairs and maintenance quotes, not to mention the annoying spring cleaning of your gutters! Either way, apartment living is the perfect option for assisting with low maintenance living. Even if you’re a lover of gardening but find your current garden is a little too much, that’s still no reason not to purchase an apartment. Choose an apartment that provides you with enough space to plant herbs and flowers in pots on your balcony, even bring some life indoors by the use of plants in your living room.

5. Convenience
Apartment buildings are often, conveniently located in areas so all your desires are right at your doorstep. When you choose an apartment building to live in, make sure you have easy access to all the amenities you use on a regular basis:

  • Grocery shops and supermarkets
  • Cafes and restaurants
  • Parks and open space
  • Retails stores
  • Post office
  • Council chambers and library
  • Medical centres

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6. Public transport
You might be driving now, but in five, ten or even fifteen years from now you’ll definitely want to avoid the hassle of getting in your car and driving into the city, finding a car park and having to walk to where you’re trying to get to. Take care in choosing an apartment situated in close proximity to public transport. Alternatively, if you’re in the inner metro area, you’ll easily be able to hail a taxi or uber right near your door.

7. Energy efficiency
When downsizing, it’s expected that your bills will decrease in value too! But why stop there? A lot of new apartment buildings now offer energy saving options such as solar systems, battery storage solar power and even double glazing to lower your heating and cooling demands. To find out how you can lower your carbon footprint (and save some too) in an apartment at Hyde Park Place, please click here to download our info pack on how you can save on electricity costs.

8. Time
If you’re considering downsizing, you might be thinking you want the security of knowing where you’re going but not have to rush the preparation stage as you would when buying a house – which can be as little as thirty days when purchasing an existing house! The beauty of purchasing an off-the-plan apartment is that you can sign a contract to buy and then have two or even three years to prepare for it. All the time you need to prepare for unexpected activities that you now have time for! Find out more about how Hyde Park Places offers fantastic amenities and lifestyle.

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