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OCPM Update: Beware of Copper Pipe Thefts

We’ve noticed an alarming uptick in copper pipe theft, especially from vacant properties. These thieves are targeting any areas with exposed copper. Why? Because copper is worth a pretty penny at scrap yards, and it’s super easy to cash in.

Why Copper?
You might be wondering, why copper? Well, stolen copper is a hot commodity because it can be easily reused to make high-value plumbing parts, electrical components, and fibre optics. As the value of copper goes up, so do the theft incidents. Right now, we’re seeing a significant spike in this crime.

How Can You Protect Your Property?
Don’t worry; we’ve got some tips to help you safeguard your property:

  1. Lock Up with Padlocks: Install padlocks on your gates. The best kind is coded ones, so we can keep the codes on file and help monitor your property.
  2. Light It Up with Sensor Lights: Adding sensor lights outside can be a great deterrent. These lights will shine bright when they detect any motion, making it much harder for thieves to operate unnoticed.
  3. Use Lamps on Timers: Place lamps on timers inside your property. This trick makes it look like someone is home, even when the place is empty.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to contact your OC property manager. We’re here to help!


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