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A week in Hyde Park tranquillity

Hyde Park known to be one of Adelaide’s most prestigious inner-southern suburbs located deep in the City of Unley, a conveniently located area that continues to grow with popularity. The commonality is what you should begin to get used to, as the fine dining, leisure activities and convenience of transport, in the naturally set Hyde Park, will almost instantaneously see you become a regular. This is how your typical week would unfold:

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It’s a new week and once again you’re extremely grateful for the 5 minute commute into the CBD. There’s even enough time for a stop on Unley Road at one of Adelaide’s most renowned breakfast spots, Mother’s Milk café.

You enjoy an early morning walk around Hyde Park and can’t help but feel overwhelmed with appreciation, to be living in one of Adelaide’s most leafy, green suburbs.

It’s humpday which means midweek treat to lunch, that sparks friendly debate over which King William restaurant will satisfy today’s cravings… Pollen 185 wins out because of their delicious vegetarian options that can’t be overlooked.

Errands are almost fun when everything from the supermarket to the doctors, to the Pilates studio is just 5 minutes from your door; not having to bother with the car if you’re prepared to carry your shopping.

A well-earned drink complimented by a divine course of dinner is on the cards for your Friday night. You leave the car at home as you venture out on foot to King William Road to your favourite local restaurant. Indulge in a delightful drop from South Australia’s very own Barossa Valley, whilst enjoying the finest locally sourced seasonal meal.

It’s time to don your team’s football colours and head down to one of Australia’s most spectacular sporting venues.. Adelaide Oval. The commute there is simple, a walk over to King William Road, hop onto the tram for a quick ride into the city and a walk across the footbridge into Adelaide Oval amongst the overexcited crowds.

Sunday’s are for brunch with the family and friends, you meet at one of your favourite local cafés to devour a delicious meal you’ve been craving. Fuelled and ready, everyone has energy to burn so you head down to Heywood Park to soak in the sun and surround yourself with nature’s beauty, with something for everyone it truly is the perfect spot to spend a delightful Sunday.
It’s a week that undoubtedly provided you with simplicity and happiness but remind yourself it’s not a holiday dream, this can be made your everyday living. If this is the convenience you want your everyday life to experience, you’re only a few steps away.

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