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Expert tips on how to create a cosy living space this winter

On average, post-covid we spend 62% of our waking time in our homes. Homes are our haven, but the crisp winter winds might leave you forlorn in your abode. Thus, it’s important to seasonally style your home décor to achieve that warm welcoming feeling all year round. 

Whether you’re a homeowner or renter, we’ve gathered expert winter styling tips from our South Australian local friends at the Art Department Styling & The Styling Creative on how to create a toastier ambience and prepare your home for chilly days and nights. 


Let there be light 

As the days shorten during the colder months, lighting plays an essential role in determining whether you feel warm and contained at your home. Thus, open those blinds and capture natural light as much as possible. You can consider hanging a mirror on the wall or above a mantel as it will make the light reflect throughout your space. It will add ambience and drama, making your room feel larger. 

Expert tip: “If your property is an older home with only one light fitting per room, adding extra light can be a game-changer, especially additional downlights in those darker South facing rooms is the way to go.” – Art Department Styling 



Warmer the better 

The colour palette at your home has a huge influence on your overall mood. You want colours that make you feel relaxed, confident & comfortable – that cosy feeling. To break through this moody winter focus on warmer colours and don’t forget to add texture with blonde timber & woven rugs. 

Expert tip: “Colours like burnt orange, browns, dark mustard, all hues of grey, combined with some neutral linen textures and you can’t go wrong.” – The Styling Creative 



Layering is key 

Winter décor is all about layering. The more texture you have in your space, the cosier and more character it adds to your home. By mixing wool knits & Twills, felts & knits or wood with porcelain with marble, layering is a great way to create a welcoming environment. Playing around with tactile textures like boucle on cushions & soft cosy throws will automatically create a warm atmosphere.  

Expert tip: “Thick knitted / knot pile floor rugs are also another great way to add warmth to living rooms, especially rooms that have tiled floors.” – Art Department Styling   


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Add life with indoor plants 

It’s time to bring some natural elements to your interiors and lift those winter blues. The inclusion of plants not only makes the room feel more inviting it also freshens the air when you’ve to keep the house closed up for the chilly season. Native florals like proteas, banksia, eucalyptus branches or any green foliage are great around your home & make you feel good – bringing the outdoors inside. Check out the best winter house plants here. 



The power of scent 

Time for those final touches. Fragrance is essential to set the desired mood & style. Winter calls for earthy, musky fragrances. You can DIY the sweet perfume of vanilla, cinnamon, chocolate, coffee, bergamot, ylang-ylang, peppermint, cloves, and lavender. If DIY isn’t your thing, then you can find some in SA’s local markets. Willunga Farmer’s Market, Gilles at the Grounds, and The Stirling Market are among many with affordable products, try your local! Check out 16 scented candles to burn this winter. 

Expert tip: “Put on the fireplace & light a few candles to set the mood” – The Styling Creative  


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The aim is to create a cosy space, where you can instantly imagine yourself sipping a hot cup of tea, or reading a book while watching the rain come in. These are just a handful of the many ways you can create a warm & cosy living space this winter.

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