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Home Renovation Trends for 2020

With 2020 just around the corner, Pinterest boards around the globe are filling up with the latest renovation trends to take your home into the new year in style.


Whether you are looking to build, renovate your current property or on the hunt for your first home, the top 5 trends to remember will help you keep your finger on the pulse of design for 2020.

Renovation trends for 2020

OC Managing Director, Nathan Casserly, met with Nest Built Project Manager, Tom Brown, to discuss current and expected renovation trends.



Whilst already popular this year, we haven’t seen the end of wall panelling! Dating back to basements everywhere in the 70s, floor to ceiling wall panelling is set to soar in 2020. No longer subjected to a pairing with shaggy carpet, wall panelling can be used as a feature in your home and is a great alternative to wallpaper that won’t break the bank. Perfect behind your bed as a bedhead alternative!



Slow and steady wins the race, and terrazzo has definitely been creeping up over the last couple of years. Undeniably one to watch for your next renovation, this mixture of marble, glass and stone is set to peak in 2020. While terrazzo was conceptualised in the early 1900s, this recent popularity rise has also helped our wallets as lower cost alternatives have been developed to help achieve the same look at a friendlier price.


One of Nest Built’s top renovation trends for the new year centres around how to make your home smarter. The smart technology revolution is not just for your kitchens and living rooms anymore! Smart tech has now hit bathrooms, where voice activation and automation has paved the way for the latest instalments. Toilets now boast self cleaning functions and delicate lights for those late night bathroom trips. Showers are also getting the smart treatment through thermostatics, allowing you to control water temperature and flow at the press of a button!



FACT:  Nobody enjoys doing the dishes. But with slick brass tap ware, the pretty polished finished makes it a little more bearable. Whilst black was the colour of the season for tap ware in 2019, brass is set for an elegant coup next year. As a plus, brass has always been an option with most manufacturers so it’s not too hard to get your hands on!


Pastels and earthy tones are set to takeover colour palettes in the new year. Ones to watch are pink, peach and muted pistachio alongside rustic browns and ochres for the perfect balance. Statement colours are particularly well used in the bathroom as an upheaval of the mundane white, grey and beige colour schemes that have no place in 2020.


Bringing your home into the new year can involve major renovations or a few small design changes (if you think you can stop at just that!). Reaching out to businesses that specialise in renovations and new projects, such as Nest Built, will allow you to enquire about the current and future trends and how to make them work in your home.

If you are considering a renovation and would like some expert advice, get in touch with Tom Brown on 0400 078 657 or visit the Nest Built website. 

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