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How Living In The City Can Actually Save You Money

New locations and lifestyles offered in South Australia are starting to emerge to compete with other major Australian cities.


But while our Eastern neighbours may struggle to live in cities that are overcrowded and noisy, in Adelaide we are creating new residential opportunities that showcase the best of our already incredible local lifestyle.

At the heart of this latest trend, and standing tall above the rest are the new luxury apartments as part of Opus On Hutt.

A location framed by our beautiful parklands, packed with entertainment, restaurants, culture and shopping options; Hutt Street provides everything you would expect from a premier CBD strip but without the overcrowding and noise. World-famous wine regions, beautiful beaches, and inner-suburban weekend destinations are all within a one hour drive. And Adelaide remains one of the most affordable capitals to purchase around the country.

Still, those on the hunt for the perfect location to find their dream lifestyle might wonder whether higher initial purchase pricing in the CBD may result in a financial squeeze on them that inhibits your ability to immerse yourself in the heart of city culture.

But when you begin to do the maths of living in the Hutt Street precinct over the long term, then your opinion may begin to change. If you stop to consider the savings you’ll enjoy from living in this premium location, the city location and lifestyle can look especially appealing.

Let’s have a closer look:


No Parking Costs

Undoubtedly the scourge of any city is the outrageous parking fees charged for anyone simply passing through for the day. Add up your parking over an entire year worth of trips, and it’s a tidy sum that only keeps increasing as rates go up.

But what if you had your very own car park. No leasing, no ongoing costs, 100% private and secure, included as part of your apartment purchase? Over a few years, the savings start to look mighty tempting.


Reduced Travel Time & Transport Costs

You’ll live with Adelaide’s best shopping and dining strips on your doorstep. With everything within walking distance, you could easily spend an entire week without hopping in the car. Let’s not understate the savings on maintenance and petrol costs each year; they would be in the thousands.

And you remember the long, costly cab rides home after a few drinks on the town? You certainly won’t miss them.


There Is Always Something FREE To See & Do

A restless afternoon will never be an afternoon wasted in the city, and nor will it cost you an arm and a leg. A visit to the Art Gallery of South Australia, a leisurely stroll through the Botanic Gardens, or checking which winemaker has come to town for afternoon tastings at East End Cellars. These won’t cost you a single cent.

Initiatives such as Splash Adelaide are always offering free events throughout the week, while you’ll never have to struggle for parking again to enjoy the likes of the Tour Down Under, Adelaide Fringe or Tasting Australia again, all with Free Entry to their CBD Village Hubs.

And what about your evenings? Adelaide is a UNESCO City of Live Music with free shows on every night of the week across the city. You’ll be absolutely spoiled for choice.


Shop straight from the producers

The true magic of the Adelaide Central Markets is how it connects our producers directly to consumers, making all of the incredible food grown in South Australia available at our fingertips. From the finest seasonal ingredients to your everyday staples. Four Avocado’s for $5 should tell you what you’ll be saving.


You Don’t Have To Hunt For Good Coffee…

Ok, so maybe this will be a little hit to your hip pocket. But if you’re one to happily travel great distances for a perfect cup-of-joe, you’ll appreciate having a barista who knows just how you like it just a few paces from your front door.

The award-winning team at Coffylosophy at right in the heart of Hutt Street, offering some of the best roasts in Australia for those who cannot live without a coffee. But why just stop at one location? Cibo, Bocelli, Bici, Chianti and Milano Cucina are just a stone’s throw away as well. Your palate will never tire.


Travelling To The Suburbs Is Still A Cinch

Often overlooked when it comes to city living is the fact that it is also the ultimate hub for public transport. Already, you can travel to Unley, Burnside, King William Road, Marion, Tea Tree Plaza and Glenelg return for only a fraction of the cost of driving and parking fees. But perhaps the biggest bonus is the regular shuttle directly to the airport. You will never be hit with Airport parking fees again.

One of the biggest perceived barriers to making the move closer to the heart of Adelaide is the increase in costs. But when you start to balance the purchase costs against the long term savings and incredible lifestyle on offer, as well as the generous government concessions offered for the purchase of new apartments, city living begins to look practical.


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