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OC First – what is it & is it worth it?

Whether you are a first home buyer, investor, downsizer or seeking to secure your dream home, finding the right property takes time and effort, and all without any guarantee that you will be able to secure the purchase. Even those seeking a rental property will understand the challenge of endless online searches, chasing inspection times and application forms only to find someone else had the inside track on the property you had your heart set on calling home.

This is where OC First comes in! OC First is designed to give you a targeted, and first access advantage to the types of properties you are seeking before they are listed on the open market. By completing a simple registration form, you can tailor your search to meet your requirements and gain access to properties that meet your criteria as soon as they are listed with OC Real Estate.

Forget about waiting for that first open inspection listed online and jostling with potentially dozens of other interested parties, only to find the property doesn’t meet your needs. OC First takes some of the frustration out of the house hunting process, directing your search based on your specific criteria and offering the opportunity to discreetly view your future home before the high traffic public inspections.

Early notification and access to listings mean you can begin negotiations on your dream home before the primary marketing campaign even begins. OCRE agent Adrian Patterson says that the potential is that the property never makes it to market.

I had two off market sales directly from our OC First database with favourable conditions, matching buyers with sellers without having to go to full market advertising and open inspections.

Not all properties reach the open market, so relying on public listings might see you missing out on your ideal purchase. Silent real estate listings are held back from marketing to the general public, with sales negotiated privately. By registering for OC First, you can gain access to this exclusive category of properties and increase your chances of finding the perfect fit for your home buying needs.

For Vendors, the benefits of listing your property with OCRE are enhanced by the OC First service. OC First increases your chances of getting your home sold in minimal time, as we communicate the unique features of your property to our buyers matched database. Showing qualified buyers through your home without the distraction of nosey neighbours in a private, discreet way, further improves OCRE’s ability to present your home to interested buyers. OCRE agent Mark Griffiths says “OC First is a win/win for everyone involved in a sale” and that the process clearly “saves vendors time/stress/money when preparing their home for sale.”

Furthermore, the OC First process allows vendors to test the market early in the process of selling their home. Agent Nick Van Vliet says vendors can “obtain useful buyer feedback on presentation and price” of the property through the early private inspections facilitated by OC First and “ideally have a low fuss, successful sale.”

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