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The benefits of townhouse living

Choosing your abode is a big decision. It’s often hard to know where to start as there are so many things that need to be factored while purchasing (most probably) your biggest asset. For starters, what are your options? A traditional ‘white-picket fence’ house or a trendy apartment? If you can’t decide, then a townhouse might fit that puzzle for you.  

A townhouse is a multi-level building that’s designed to mimic a house as it stands on that sweet line between a house and an apartment, offering the best of both. 

The great Aussie dream of a large house is not as sustainable or affordable as it once was. In recent years, at Ouwens Casserly, we have noticed that more South Australians, driven by affordability, lifestyle and demographic changes are choosing to live in higher-density housing such as townhouses and apartments. To achieve their homeownership dreams, many first home buyers, young families, and downsizers now prefer townhouses over apartments.

Why a Townhouse might be the right choice for you?



The Affordable choice for a prime location

Affordability is one of the biggest selling points of townhouse living. In general, townhouses are more affordable and often cost less than most houses in the same location. Thus, for buyers looking to buy a house in a prime location, but can’t due to the skyhigh dwelling values of a capital city – a townhouse providing convenient access to social and community amenities near the city action might be a great entry point for the buyer. 


Greater ownership & higher investment returns

Another strong defining feature of a townhouse is its ownership. When you buy a townhouse, you just don’t own that property but also the land beneath it, giving you a higher return on your investment. For instance, a block of land in a city commands better long-term capital gains than the floor of a city apartment in the real estate market.


Great alternative for your private lifestyle

Now, townhouses are typically attached units and you might not be able to enjoy the same level of privacy as a detached house. However, unlike apartments, townhouses are ‘roomier’, you don’t have to share common spaces (like shared hallways and elevators), and in general, provide more flexibility to the homeowners. This makes a townhouse a great alternative for those who want the privacy of a house and want that extra space for a guest bedroom or a home office which can be harder to find in an apartment. 

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Sense of Community 

Buying a townhouse in a planned neighbourhood gives you the space to enjoy your lifestyle and an opportunity to be part of a new community with maintained facilities (pool, gym, and community garden) and amenities (public transport, cafes, and shopping centres). Moreover, due to the proximity among the units, you and your neighbours are going to be quite close offering you a chance to make friends and acquaintances and providing you with that sense of security and community in your new townhome! 


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