Image for Celebrating International Women’s Day: Empowering, Supporting, and Leading together

Celebrating International Women’s Day: Empowering, Supporting, and Leading together

In an industry traditionally dominated by men, where 69% of our staff are women, we remain steadfast in our commitment to creating an inclusive workplace at Ouwens Casserly, ensuring all our employees have equal opportunities for advancement. This International Women’s Day, we take pride in our environment that not only acknowledges women’s strength but actively supports their growth.


We Lead with Gender Diversity

At OC, we take pride in our leadership landscape, where 70% of our leaders are women. This isn’t just a statistic; it’s a living, breathing example of the power of diverse perspectives at the helm.

“Despite having male Directors and being in an industry dominated by male figures, I’ve never once felt like I’m working in a boys’ club or that my worth is any less. The culture of equality and support within our workplace is truly exceptional…”

– Dawn Simpson, Trust Accounting Leader.


We Support with Comprehensive Workplace Policies

Understanding the importance of supporting our team at every stage of life, we’ve crafted inclusive parental leave policies, recharge days and flexible work arrangements that truly make a difference in the lives of our employees. OC provides paid parental leave offerings for both primary and non-primary parents, in addition to Government and unpaid leave options.

“OC is such a great place to work, an aspect I truly appreciate is the flexibility they provide, especially during my pregnancy. This flexibility allows me to effectively manage both my work responsibilities and attend important appointments without any added stress…”

– Shelby Pinkerton, Marketing Manager.


We Foster Equality in Recruitment

In the past year, we proudly welcomed 68% women among our new hires, a testament to our commitment to providing equal opportunities for all.

“OC has allowed me to continuously grow and develop throughout the past 8 years, where I have been mentored, provided direction and pushed to be a better version of myself…”

– Teegan Edwards, Systems Manager.



We Extend Our Impact Beyond Office Walls

Our commitment to empowering women goes beyond the workplace. Through contributions to causes like Endometriosis Australia and Share the Dignity, we actively participate in making a positive impact on women’s lives in our community for example we donated 77 bags for the ‘In the Bag’ campaign last year.


We Thrive on High Employee Satisfaction

With an impressive 88% overall engagement score, we actively encourage women to pursue leadership positions through mentorship programs, clear employment pathways, and a culture that supports growth.

“OC supports its women in many ways including having flexible work arrangements, leadership development programs, and by fostering an inclusive culture which provides health and wellbeing support…”

–  Merina Caputo, Assistant Property Manager Team Leader.


This International Women’s Day, we celebrate the incredible journey of women at Ouwens Casserly. We stand together—working, celebrating, and leading, acknowledging the achievements of our women not just today but every day.

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