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Our top 3 recommendations for Summer maintenance in your rental property

As summer approaches, it’s a great time to consider seasonal maintenance for your rental property.

Maintaining the property in tip-top condition will protect your investment and will assist in attracting and retaining quality tenants.

Taking the time to review a few areas now may also alleviate any pressures during the festive season.


These are our top three recommendations :


Air Conditioners

Ducted reverse cycle air conditioners should be routinely checked to ensure the filters are clean and airflow is adequate. Dirt and dust accumulate and as this builds up, the efficiency of the unit can be compromised, and the debris can even slowly damage the internal components. Some units may also need replacement return air filters, and this can be actioned when the technician is on site.

Evaporative units require servicing prior to their first use of the warmer weather so that the pads can be reviewed and replaced as required, clean the coils and clear out dust and dirt from winter.

Cleaning the filters and attending to the general maintenance of the unit is a landlord’s responsibility and not something the Legislation allows OC to enforce your tenant to action.

Having your AC serviced will provide you with peace of mind knowing that the unit will have a better chance of functioning during the hot Adelaide summer.

Also being proactive rather than reactive also pays dividends – often tenant’s seek ‘free rent’ during periods without a working AC in summer – so it’s recommended you consider this whilst the wait time for trades is manageable and the weather is still cooler.



Pool equipment can be a costly exercise to replace, which is why we recommend ensuring they are maintained and reviewed annually. It may also be worth considering having a pool technician attend to review your equipment and the general condition of the pool.


Irrigation and gardens

Some gardens require a lot of care during the summer months, and if you can make this a straightforward process, you are ensuring the garden will be maintained for the season ahead.

We recommend irrigation systems and timers are set up / reviewed correctly prior to the warmer weather to ensure plants are being adequately watered. It is also a good time to have mulch reapplied to the garden beds to act as a barrier from the heat to lock in moisture to the soil and prevent the ground from drying out.


If you would like to have your air conditioner unit serviced, pool or irrigation checked over by a reputable contractor, please let your Property Manager know and we can recommend the best tradesperson for your area.


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