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Key steps to selling property in the Adelaide real estate market

Putting your biggest asset in the Adelaide real estate market can seem daunting, but as a seller, preparation is the key to a profitable and hassle-free selling process. Here are the steps that you can follow to ease you through this whirlwind real estate journey.

Research the market 

There can be several reasons why you’ve decided to sell your property. However, you must do your research to see whether it’s the right TIME to sell your property or not, as there are a variety of factors that should be considered before you plan to sell your asset successfully. For instance, finding your property cycle, can you help you avoid selling it at the bottom of the pricing cycle.

You can research online, check newspaper listings, or monitor your area by visiting auctions of comparable properties to understand your local market and get a perspective on your property’s worth.


Hire a real estate agent 

Unfortunately, we don’t live in the age of the barter system; selling your home today is a complex and time-consuming process. We suggest you hire a real estate agent. A real estate agent is your representative throughout the selling process and is the one who negotiates the sale with the potential buyers. You can ask your friends and family for recommendations, but the best way to choose an agent is to find someone specialising in your area who has a proven success record. 

An agent who has recently sold a property in your neighbourhood may have a network of potential buyers, who are already looking to buy property in your area and might be interested in yours – saving you weeks of viewings.

OC agents provide tailored services to help increase the outcome of your sale. Your OC real estate agent will assist you in choosing the sale method that works the best for your property type in your local area under the current market situation. At Ouwens Casserly, our team’s auction clearance rate is 100 per cent. Find out more about Ouwens Casserly. 

Thinking of selling your property? Get an instant digital appraisal on your property. 


Presentation matters 

You can sell your home in its current condition, but some repairs and upgrades will set your property apart in the real estate market and might fetch you a higher price. Your OC agent can provide you with advice involving minor renovations, garden upgrades, decluttering, and staging, all aimed at increasing the appeal of your property.  

As a seller, you should want your home to create a lasting impression on potential buyers. Staging can help your buyers imagine living in your property – A well-staged home sells, on average 25% faster than a non-staged or vacant home. [1]


Invest in marketing 

Funding a solid marketing strategy is crucial for your selling process within the highly competitive market. Have a serious discussion with your agent and get a good idea of your marketing costs.

At Ouwens Casserly, we offer a multitude of traditional and innovative methods that can be customised to maximise exposure to your property, such as online real estate portals, social media marketing, signboards, newspaper advertising, local mailbox drops, and many more. 


Hosting open houses 

All your efforts on staging and marketing are targeted towards bringing the interested parties to visit your property. Plan a strategy for open inspections with your agent, when your house is ready and prepared for viewings.  

If this is your first time selling it’s worth noting that open inspections are a very important aspect of your campaign; they can be done by appointment or at an advertised time (aka Open house). Open houses are a great way to display your property. Thus, it’s important to cover the tiniest of details – like how will the weather be that day? Is it clashing with any other big event in the community? Also, make sure everything is clean, well presented, and all your valuables are stashed away.  

Your OC agent might encourage you to not be at the open house, this helps the buyers feel at ease while inspecting your property. During the inspection, the OC agent will be at the door or around the property,  taking down the details of the potential/interested buyers. Remember, it is one of the most valuable sources of post-open house marketing.

Putting on a great open house is very important as it provides your buyer with the opportunity to see the property up-close and ask the selling agent any questions. If you’re lucky, you may even receive an offer at the open house. 


Negotiate the offer 

It’s an exciting feeling once you see the offers reeling in for your property. Don’t worry your OC agent will be there to guide you and negotiate the best possible price for your house. 



Once the details of the sale have been checked and you’ve decided to accept the offer, you can now sign the contract of sale. Your OC agent will prepare a detailed contract and ensure that nothing is overlooked. It is common for buyers to presume that everything they see is included in the sale. You can discuss with your agent and specify exactly/precisely what is and what is not included in the sales contract, the more detailed it is, the less room there is for confusion.  


Ready to sell your home? Request a free appraisal from your local OC real estate agent today to better understand where your house stands in the current market today.


Ouwens Casserly has relied upon information from external sources in compiling this publication. Ouwens Casserly does not warrant its accuracy or completeness and does not accept any loss or damage sustained by readers, or by any other person or body corporate arising from or in connection with the supply or use of the whole or any part of the information in this publication through any cause whatsoever.
[1] Coldwell Banker

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