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Advice for selling your property during the summertime

Springtime has long been hailed as the season for selling, however summer can also be the perfect time of year to have your property on the market. Depending on the area you are in and your property type, summer provides the perfect opportunity to stand out from the rest of the market and take advantage of some summer sun positivity.

Is summer a good time to sell your home?

Here is OC’s 5 tips as to why it’s a good idea to sell your home through the summer period.


01. The hustle & bustle

With the appeal of longer days, beautiful weather and prime holiday time, more people will be out and about soaking up the sun. The thought of cool sea breezes and an abundance of sunshine means an increased appeal for people to pack up the car and head to the beach.

The liveliness of each neighbourhood, especially around the seaside, means an increase in potential buyers wandering through the property market, whilst also increasing the visibility of your home signboard to those passing by.


02. Undivided focus on selling

The beauty of an Australian summer is the timing of this season, opening and closing each year with vitality. The combination of long weekends, business closures and potential breaks means you will have more time to focus on the selling process.

This seasonal period provides an opportunity to concentrate on making sure every detail of your sale is a success from the moment you list, to connecting with potential buyers, sorting through offers and ultimately selling your home.

03. School’s out

The end of school not only screams summer fun for the kiddies but also provides the perfect time to pack up the house and move the family into a new home. Without the added stress of taking kids away from school time, the summer holidays allow for more flexibility and freedom. This also means you and the kids can focus on moving in and getting settled without school scheduling pressure.


04. Time to renovate & rejuvenate

Have you been wanting to renovate your home for a while now but haven’t found the time? The chaos of day to day life can sometimes put your house rejuvenation plans on hold but luckily with a little extra time and idealistic weather presented during summer, that painting job, landscaping plans or kitchen facelift can be completed. Although these renovations take time and effort, the reward of increased resale value or attraction of a wider consumer market is well worth it.

05. The ultimate time for enhancing ‘curb appeal’

When you decide to put your house on the market, the aim is to sell, and nothing entices prospective buyers to come inside your home more than its curb appeal. Luckily, during summer a home’s curb appeal peaks due to the array of sunshine, blossoming of flowers and the vitality of green, luscious lawn. With a touch of strategic landscaping and a few home renovations, your property will draw a lot more interest due to the pleasing aesthetic.


So, there you have it, OC’s top 5 tips as to why selling your home during the summer period can be appealing to many potential sellers. The blissful sunshine and traction of beach goers can make a seaside property even more enticing, whilst the longer days and uninterrupted time allows for more potential to renovate, rejuvenate and focus on the sale of your home.


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