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Tips for presenting your home at open inspections

Selling your home can be a stressful time – It doesn’t need to be though. Our real estate experts have some great tips to get your house noticed and have the ‘Sold’ sign up as soon as possible.

These tips will have your home ready for open inspections.

Have an appealing entrance

You need to have ‘street appeal’ or people won’t even stop to look at your house. From the front gate, your property needs to look inviting. First impressions really count when you are selling your house.

Remove any clutter

Create an illusion for people looking at your house that it is the ‘perfect home’ with no extra furniture and knick-knacks cluttering up the rooms. Rooms will feel open and spacious and people can imagine their furniture in your house.

Clean, clean, clean

Make sure that every surface, window and door is clean and shining. This ensures buyers aren’t working out how much extra it will cost them before they can move in.

Dress up the rooms

Make each room look new and fresh by replacing that tired quilt in the spare bedroom. The decor of a room can spark it up or bring it down.

Let the light in

Let as much natural light into your house as you can by drawing back the curtains and opening the windows. In darker rooms, put on some subtle lighting but nothing overly bright that will emphasise the darkness of the room.

Keep your house furnished

If your home is being resold as a residence, you need to give people an idea of what space is like so keep just the bare minimum of furniture or get a stylist in to organise each room. Empty rooms can actually look smaller and a buyer might not know if their furniture will fit.


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