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Top 5 tips to remember when selling beachside property

The warmer months see an influx of people to beachside suburbs; holidaying with family and friends during work and school breaks. If this is no longer your situation or a once a year holiday isn’t enough to justify that second mortgage, there are a few things to consider before the for sale sign goes up on the front lawn.


Selling by the beach

Here are our 5 tips to remember when selling beachside property.

01. That’s the shot

Professional photography is a key element in preparing your home for sale. Photos are what attracts the attention of potential purchasers, particularly if the location is harder to reach for buyers. Particularly effective for beachside property; good quality photography will utilise the views and landscapes surrounding the home. People in the market for a beach house want that view, and having it displayed in the best way possible puts your property at the forefront of their search.


02. Light & bright

Before you can get those perfect selling shots of your home, it’s important to consider how the furniture and décor work together and what lifestyle is being presented to potential purchasers. Buyers need to be able to picture themselves in the home, whether it be sipping their morning coffee by the bedroom window or entertaining friends on the balcony.

Add details that will help bring your home to life! It can be as simple as setting the outdoor dining table with colourful dishes and napkins or add a coffee cup and a couple of well-read books to the bedside tables.

Light, bright and airy décor accents the beachside vibe and brings the colours and elements of the outside views indoors. Be sure to leave all the windows open so potential buyers are reminded of the location in every room they walk into.

03. Make friends with your toolbox

Rarely do purchasers want to see their potential beach house as a fixer upper. From the leaky faucets and squeaky doors to the drawers that don’t quite shut properly, it’s time to ensure the property is in tip-top shape. As well as obvious repairs, it’s worth a fresh coat of paint to liven and update the interior.


04. If the price is right

Not only is picking the right time of year to sell your beach house critical, pricing the house competitively is also key to a smooth, successful sale. Picking the right real estate agent means they can appraise the house for you and set a realistic price from the beginning to attract the appropriate buyers to your property and the quickest possible time on market for you.

05. Send it social

Now that you have fixed up the property, the professional photographers have captured shots of your perfect staging and décor and your real estate agent has come to a price point, it’s time to get your property out there!

Choosing a real estate agency that takes advantage of modern marketing systems means your property can reach as many potential purchasers as possible. Particularly convenient for beach houses where it may be unrealistic for buyers to simply drive past one day, a social media campaign can bring your property straight to purchasers’ newsfeeds no matter where they are located.


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