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Why Should I Use Professional Photos When Selling My Home?

When it comes to selling your home, many sellers go to great lengths to ensure their property is in pristine condition. Several undertake cosmetic enhancements and minor renovations to increase the appeal and presentation of their home, all in the promise of capturing the attention of a prospective buyer.

Therefore, it makes sense that when preparing a property to be listed with an agent, buyers engage quality photographic services to create the best first impressions, and increase the chance that prospective buyers will pick up the phone to inquire about your property, or even better, be motivated to attend an open inspection.

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Our selected OC photographers are trained specifically for real estate and property imaging and have a significant amount of industry experience. They know the correct angles to showcase your home in the absolute best light and capture the most appealing aspects of the property whilst maintaining an accurate portrayal of the style and quality of the residence. Real estate photographers know the legal requirements when it comes to editing the photos, so there are no concerns regarding misrepresentation.

Anxious that your property might not stand out from the crowd? Don’t be concerned! Our photographers have the skills and understanding to presents rooms that look their most bright and spacious through a variety of strategies and technical tweaks. Using the right equipment can make all the difference, such as the correct lens to take appropriate view shots, or utilising drones and elevation poles. As a result, our photos stand out from the rest, in keeping with the high-quality standards of the OC brand.

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OC photographers enhance property images through a minor retouching process to maximise the quality of each picture. They are able to offer Diakrit services, which are global leaders in 3D visualisation and digital applications for the real estate industry. No matter what the weather they can digitally sweep those rain clouds away and make a property look amazing.

Lastly, OC photographers are also able to provide lifestyle shots to best illustrate future life in the home. Using their eye for detail to create perfectly framed images, a buyer can see themselves residing in the home, perhaps enjoying a cup of coffee in a cosy corner of the lounge as warm afternoon sun streams in.

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