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Sustainability Trends in Homes

With the rise in living costs and the current political and social climate debates, there is no better time than to start thinking about the sustainability of your home.


Whether you are looking to build, renovate a current residence or on the look out for your first home, here are some sustainability trends being implemented in today’s up and coming market.


Sustainability trends in homes

OC Managing Director, Nathan Casserly, met with Nest Built Project Manager, Tom Brown, to discuss current sustainability trends.


01. Light the way

LED lighting is arguably one of the most cost-effective ways to boost the energy efficiency rating of your home. On average, LED lighting saves up to 85% of energy consumption compared to other incandescent or halogen options, reducing costly energy bills considerably.

Due to high demand, the technology is rapidly evolving to become even more environmentally sustainable and cost effective for homeowners, making them an easy and effortless housing modification with significant benefits.


02. Let’s talk electricity 

MYTH BUST: Solar energy only makes a small contribution to our environmental and energy efficiency needs. This is false! Due to the rapid transformation of a more environmentally friendly society, more residents are looking to invest in solar power to not only off set energy costs but prevent future climate degeneration.

The implementation of a home solar system is an affordable addition, adding value to your property by providing both instant and long-term benefits.

03. Glass half full 

One of Nest Built’s top sustainability trends within housing is the use of water storage. Nest Built encourages a substantial allocation of water storage to be efficient, if it’s “not big enough, its not worth investing the money”.

Speaking to trusted professionals like Nest Built will allow you to explore all water storage options to fulfil your personal sustainability needs, whether that is going underground with storage to maximise capacity or finding another location within your property.


04. A hug for your home

Insulation is a game changer for sustainable climate control within your house. As the saying goes, ‘work smarter not harder’, instead of reaching for that heating/cooling switch, insulation can help naturally regulate the balance of your internal and external housing environment, reducing electricity costs. Smart design for a low energy, sustainable home.

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05. All natural

The concept of sustainable design is becoming more prominent in the property market, being more aware of the importance of being eco and environmentally friendly. Using durable, non-pollutant materials when reinventing your space or building is desirable to achieve a sustainable home.

Ranging from natural flooring materials, low to no VOCs painting to ensure minimal air pollution or even double glazing on windows. The small features make a big impact on the eco-friendly design of your home.


Unlike the floor to ceiling wallpapering trend of the 70s, sustainability will never go out of style and is in high demand to ensure a low cost, highly efficient home. Reaching out to businesses that specialise in renovations and new projects such as Nest Built, will allow you to inquire about the progression of sustainable design and explore the best eco-friendly trends to reinvent your home.

If you are considering a renovation and would like some expert advice, get in touch with Tom Brown on 0400 078 657 or visit the Nest Built website. 

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