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The benefits of using a builder for your home renovations & DIY ideas

Have you ever been frustrated about all the renovations that you need to do in your home? Managing trades and builders or DIY projects can be very time consuming and costly if something goes wrong. Hiring an expert can sometimes be the better option when taking on a home renovation. You will ensure your end result will be functional and within a set budget. Enjoy the benefits of a quicker completion time, not having to completely create the design yourself, and potentially increase the value of your home from the quality finish.

Managing Director, Nathan Casserly, met with Nest Built Project Manager, Tom Brown, to discuss current renovation trends and tips to help you transform your home or prepare for sale.



  • Repaint interior walls – all you need is a trip to Bunnings, a long weekend and a couple of family members to help you out.
  • Cupboard handles & doorknobs – replace those tired old doorknobs in your kitchen and bathroom with something a bit sleeker.
  • Tapware – continue the upgraded, sleek look with a new tap, easily to change and install yourself from Bunnings.
  • Flatpack kitchen – revitalize your whole kitchen with a DIY flat pack kitchen; a little more time consuming, but the effect and low cost is worth it!
  • Light fittings – depending on your home, changing light fittings can be as simple as unscrewing the current one, effortlessly giving you a more modern look.





Start by leaving anything related to the home’s services to a professional. That means you don’t touch anything to do with the gas, plumbing or electrical. Best to leave that sort of thing to a trained, qualified expert.

You can hire individual trades to come and do this work for you, but that can mean you’re juggling 3 or 4 tradespeople at the same time. That’s where a builder can help.

A licensed builder can take on your home renovation and do the things you don’t want to do (or don’t have time to do!) yourself. When a builder is involved, you can take on a bigger renovation and make a bigger statement:

  • Tiling – changing the tiles in your kitchen and bathroom might seem simple, but costs can quickly add up when you do it yourself.
  • Flooring – whether it’s floorboards or carpets, pulling up old flooring can make a mess of your home if not done properly and you could easily damage other parts of your home in the process.
  • Painting – yes, you can do this yourself, but what if you get paint all over your good sofa? Sometimes it’s just easier to leave it to a professional to get a professional finish.
  • Knocking down walls – this one just screams “NO” without a professional on board for obvious reasons!

Whatever your decision, way up the pros and cons of DIY and see if it’s really worth the time, effort and risk if something goes wrong. Nest Built provides free, on-site quotes and can work within your budget to achieve your desired result.

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Nest Built are an SA owned building company specialising in boutique home renovations. A hands-on and personalised approach with a team of highly skilled craftsmen, they deliver outstanding results through genuine collaborations with their valued clients.

Preparing for sale, you want to present your home in its best light. And sometimes that simply means a quick and easy “refresh” or what we call a cosmetic renovation. A cosmetic renovation is not a full-scale redesign and generally, you can do this yourself, easily and cost-effectively.



If you are considering a renovation and would like some expert advice, get in touch with Tom on 0400 078 657 or visit the Nest Built website. 

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