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Your Local, Kensington Gardens: A Chat with Mark Bressington

Adelaide’s real estate market is buzzing with activity, and right at the heart of the excitement lies Kensington Gardens. What makes Kensington Gardens truly special? It’s the perfect blend of abundant greenery, breathtaking parks, and an array of recreational amenities, creating an idyllic haven for young families. From the iconic parade to the serene allure of Myall Avenue, this neighbourhood is irresistibly enchanting.

This month, we sat down with Mark Bressington, OC Sales Consultant with nearly two decades of experience in Kensington Gardens, unveiling the secrets behind its allure.


What’s the outlook for the Kensington Gardens real estate market in the next five years?

The Kensington Gardens real estate market is expected to perform well in the next five years, with moderate growth in both house and unit prices. This is due to a number of factors. First, strong demand from buyers, driven by the suburb’s amenities and proximity to the CBD. Second, the limited supply of housing in this small suburb will support house prices. Finally, Adelaide’s population growth will further boost demand.


Any advice for homeowners looking to sell their property in Kensington Gardens?

I believe pricing your property correctly is crucial for a quick and successful sale. Additionally, preparing your property, marketing it effectively, and choosing a local real estate agent who knows the market well can all make a significant difference in the selling process.


What tips would you offer to potential buyers interested in investing in Kensington Gardens?

My top recommendation would be to start with thorough research. Before you even begin your property search, it’s crucial to gain a deep understanding of the local real estate market. Next, ensure you’re pre-approved for a mortgage. This will give you a good idea of how much you can afford to borrow and will make the buying process smoother. Lastly, be ready to act swiftly. Kensington Gardens property market is very competitive, so buyers need to be prepared to act quickly when they find a property that they like.

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What’s your take on the spring selling season here in Adelaide and how it impacts the real estate market in Kensington Gardens?

Spring is typically the busiest time of year for the real estate market in Adelaide, and Kensington Gardens is no exception. There is typically a lot of buyer activity in the Kensington Gardens property market during the spring selling season. This increased demand can lead to higher prices and faster-selling properties. Overall, this spring is a good time to sell your property in Kensington Gardens.

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As a local expert, what are some hidden gems or must-visit places you would recommend in Kensington Gardens?

One spot that’s an absolute gem is the revamped Kensington Wama/Kensington Gardens Reserve. It’s like the recreational heart of the City of Burnside. You’ve got a bunch of sports clubs, including the Waite, Parkinson, and Ford Ovals, plus loads of fun stuff like shelters, barbecues, and playground gear.

Also, it’s home to the award-winning Burnside Adventure Park. This place is stacked with awards, like the ‘Award of Excellence for Parks and Open Space,’ the ‘Healthy Parks Healthy People Award,’ and the ‘Water for Life Award.’ So, yeah, it’s a local favourite you shouldn’t miss!


Photo Credits: The City of Burnside (2023)


What keeps your passion alive in the real estate game, particularly when helping clients buy and sell houses in Kensington Gardens?

For me, it’s a combination of personal motivation and a deep sense of purpose. I’m driven by the desire to be successful, not just for myself but for my clients as well. Making a positive impact on their lives is a major driving force. The real estate field is a dynamic and challenging one, and that, in itself, is a motivator. It’s a constant learning journey, and I thrive on that.

Kensington Gardens, in particular, is a place that I’m truly passionate about. It’s a suburb filled with beauty and opportunities, and I take pride in being part of this vibrant community. Helping people find their perfect spot in this neighbourhood is incredibly fulfilling.


55A Brigalow Ave, Kensington Gardens sold with Ouwens Casserly. Contact Mark Bressington for more information.


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