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Your Local, Millswood: A Chat with Alistair Loudon

Adelaide’s real estate scene is buzzing on a national level, outshining other capital cities, and catching the eye of eager buyers. So, we sat down for a chat with Alistair Loudon, OC Sales Consultant and a local legend with almost two decades of experience in Millswood, to uncover the secrets of what makes this charming neighbourhood so special. It’s all about the unique mix of homes brimming with character and a vibrant community vibe that consistently places Millswood among the most sought-after locales in Adelaide.


How do you foresee the Millswood real estate market performing over the next five years?

Millswood will continue to see strong growth over the next five years. The abundance of character residences on large allotments with wide tree-lined streets, coupled with proximity to King William Road and the CBD mean that Millswood historically has performed well, even when the broader market has been less favourable than it has been over recent times.


What advice do you have for homeowners looking to sell their property in Millswood?

Ensure you get sound advice on presentation early to ensure you have the time to complete any necessary work without undue pressure. If presented and priced well, the competition among buyers vying to break into the suburb will ensure a premium result.


What tips would you offer to prospective buyers looking to invest in a property in Millswood?

Do your research early to ensure that you understand the market. Go to as many opens as you can early in your search to get an understanding of price and the nuances of the suburb. As a prevalent agent and resident, buyers are welcome to give me a call to chat about the benefits of living in Millswood and the difference in price between various sub-regions within the suburb.

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What’s your take on the spring selling season here in Adelaide and how it impacts the real estate market in Millswood?

This Spring should see more stock on the market than we saw last Spring. However, as we see more buyers also entering the market as we near the top of the rate rise cycle we have experienced of late, competition should remain robust.

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As a local expert, what are some hidden gems or must-visit places you would recommend in Millswood?

Orphanage Park is a fantastic place to take the kids or your dog! Incorporating a fenced playground, dog park and sports ground, it is a fantastic place to spend an hour or two. Then you could pop across the road to Sugar and Spice Cakes for a sweet treat (their cupcakes are next level) and walk it off through the gorgeous nearby streets that feature some of Adelaide’s finest residences!

Photo Credits: Sugar & Spice Cakes, In Daily (2020)


Can you share some underrated neighbourhoods or properties in Millswood that might not be on everyone’s radar but are totally worth checking out for potential buyers?

I genuinely don’t think that there is an underrated neighbourhood within the suburb. The whole suburb is gorgeous and recognised as such!


Are there any recent market trends or developments in Millswood that you find intriguing and that potential buyers and sellers should keep an eye on?

We have seen the Western side of Goodwood Road make some inroads into the price difference between the Eastern Side and the Western side of Goodwood Road. While the difference still remains, it is not as wide as it once was.

Buyers have discovered that there are wide streets and a prevalence of stately Bungalows with Goodwood Oval and the cafes of East Avenue nearby and this has helped achieve strong results in this neighbourhood over the past three years.


What’s your personal driving force in the real estate game, keeping that fire alive when it comes to helping folks buy and sell houses in Millswood?

As a local resident who has lived in Millswood for 18 years, I love the community spirit in my suburb. My major motivation revolves around helping owners in my community realise their real estate dreams when moving on, whilst helping potential new residents understand all the diverse tangible factors that make our suburb great!


Anything else you want to add or shout out about your local?

Other than the points above, Millswood is blessed with parks and gardens and easy access to a plethora of amenities. Located on the doorstep of King William Road’s shops, cafes, and restaurants, and Goodwood Road’s supermarkets, doctors, physios, and more.

With easy access to public transport connecting you from the City to the Sea and Flinders Uni, along with great sporting clubs and top-notch schools nearby, it is not difficult to see why Millswood is consistently one of Adelaide’s most sought-after locales.

31 Avenue Street, Millswood is listed with Ouwens Casserly. Contact Alistair Loudon for more information.


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