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How do you select a real estate agent when selling your home?

One question that comes up in the real estate industry frequently is how does a seller choose a real estate agent? What are the key areas that are important to consider when selecting your agent and what tools are available to assist with your decision making process.


Ultimately you are searching for the agent and the agency that have the ability to represent your home and present it to the market in its absolute best light, ultimately achieving the best result possible for you and your property. 

Firstly, it is important to assess the marketing tools provided by the agent and agency. The quality of the photography, floor plans and sign boards are crucial in the sale of your property. This is how your house will be represented to a prospective buyer and it is important that this is of a high quality that will have the ability to draw in potential purchasers. First impressions count. Our blog Why should you use professional photos when selling your home, gives further explanation on the use of photography – click here to read.  


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Secondly, you need to assess the agent’s ability to negotiate and communicate with potential buyers. We are seeing an increase in a qualified collection of buyers with set requirements who are accessing VIP and off-market sales. So it is key that the agent can negotiate the best price for your property with these buyers who are in the market and ready to make a purchase.

This skill set will often be the difference between getting a great price and potentially underselling the property. A great indicator of an agent’s skills is to attend a few of their open inspections and see how they present a property. You can send a ghost enquiry to the agent to assess how they will be handling enquiries when they’ve got your property on the market.


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In 2019 there are plenty of digital options out there to assist you in selecting the perfect agent for your and your property. Websites such as Open Agent allows you to find the top agents in your area and compare them. They take 20% of the commission, but they can give you some advice on who to go to. allows you to access an agent’s previous sales for the past 12 months and will show you who is selling the most properties in your area and how long they are on the market for. It is important to explore an agent’s digital footprint. Google them – read reviews, have a look at their social media presence.

Finally, word of mouth is always a great way to assist you with choosing an agent. If you have a friend or relative who recently sold, ask them who they chose and why. At Ouwens Casserly, 8 out of 10 vendors would recommend either the company or their agent to friends and family.


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